SDN6 does not return a list of related nodes (java)

Hi all,
I have created an endpoint that runs a custom query to get a list of nodes from which I need to get all the parents of each of these. I am using SDN6 with neo4.1.

I try to find all parents from cp node ("Concept")


this is the model

this the code:

The error...

what am I doing wrong?
How do I get the node list from Concept2 nodes?

Concept1 <- [: broader] - Concept2

Thanks in advance

With custom cypher query you have to also return the relationship (broader) and other Concept nodes. Otherwise you will just have the cp to get mapped by SDN.

The statement should look somehow like:

match (cp:Concept)<-[b:broader]-(otherCp:Concept)
where ....
return cp, collect(b), collect(otherCp)

If you want to know more about custom queries in general: Spring Data Reference Documentation / Custom queries

Thank you very much for answering

Can you share the code around$1( ?
At least it seems that the data gets queried and returned from the framework to your controller.