Scripting area size in the Browser

It's very nice to work with neo4j but something bugs me a lot and I think it's very important which is why I'm sending you this message. Is it possible to resize the script area of the browser ? It displays six lines, it's not enough. When I'm debugging my requests I use to build fake graphs and the scripts to build these graphs can be quit long. It's not very convenient to write them in this tiny window nor it is to have another text editor on the side or to copy/past OR import them(I already have the doc on the side).
Besides, the more I work the more my requests grow in size (around 7-8 lines), so it's a bit annoying.
An idea : a vertical split screen of the browser with the script on a side and the graph on the other would be awesome.
Anyway thanks for the soft, love it very much,
A fan

P.S. It's so good to PROFILE things ^^


You can display the query box in fullscreen by typing on the ESC key (and retype on it to close it).


Waah so perfect thanks, still a vertical split screen could be nice :slight_smile :slightly_smiling_face:

ESC key is nice, but it would be very convenient to be able to size the window manually. If the average number of lines is just slightly more than the normal viewing window capacity, it's not fun to lose sight of the previous results window below to view the entire script.

Why did I take so long to look this up? :sunglasses: :laughing: