Scehma that returns from (to)<-[rel]-(from)

How do I write a server schema that will return two nodes and the relationship between them in my client?

I have a tree hierarchy made up of only two types.

# a node
type Node {
	ID: ID!
    name: String

# the relationship between two Node
type Branch @relation (name: "CHILD_OF_NODE"){
	index: Int

I want to somehow end up with query that returns a Tree type made up of Nodes and Branch types.

# two Node and the relationship between them 
type Tree {

I have some simple cypher that returns every branch of the tree but this won't work because it returns two types. The docs say cypher can only return one type.

tree(root: String):[Tree]
		MATCH path = (r:Node{name:$root})<-[b:CHILD_OF_NODE*1..]-(c:Node)
			with nodes(path)[-2] as parent, last(b) as branch, c as child
			RETURN parent, child, branch

The docs also show how to add a field to a node type and return a list of matching nodes by using "this". In my case I need a return a single node and relationship. I can't see how "this" can help me achieve that.

type Movie {
    movieId: ID!
    similarMovies: [Movie] @cypher(statement: """
        MATCH (this)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(:Actor)-[:ACTED_IN]->(rec:Movie)
        WITH rec, COUNT(*) AS score ORDER BY score DESC
        RETURN rec LIMIT $limit


After months of struggling with this I'm thinking I may be taking a completly wrong approach. Any suggestions will be appreciated.