Sam Boswell, Tech Lead @ WorkGaps

Using graphs to solve social networking problems and recommendation engine systems in the recruitment and networking space as well as having the ability to think in graphs for future projects.

Successfully migrated the SaaS offering from Webforms/MS SQL to .NET Core / Angular / neo4j

UK based, Neo4j-Certified, CTO, developer, info-sec, geek. Sometimes mint condition. Free P&P. Warranty not included.

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Welcome to the forum Sam ! Warranty may not be included but by the look of it the batteries definitely are :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,

would love to hear if you used any of our graph algorithms with your social networking data?

We've been looking at some of the APOC calls in geeky eagerness to use them, but actually have found great use out just simple cypher on well architected graph data.
Many of the "contacts of contacts" type of queries that would normally be difficult are now trivial in cypher/neo4j!

We use the TTL functions for expiring of invitations, and some of the shortest path tools. We're likely to start using more and more of the geolocation functionality too, which I'm excited to work on!

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