S.I.#7 (Sebas C. Bronkhorst from The Netherlands) joining here with an urgent 'NOT-so-covert operation' as the current job: Gift Investment Circulation System

Let me explain the haste & urgency later on: first some relaxing info:

Although calling myself 'S.I.#7' which stands for 'Spiritual Intelligence #7' in full sounds liking boasting, but in real practical social life I am more modest & co-operative in style of going along with people.

In my life I had two quite different periods of academic study: in 2000-2002 international business studies for 1,5y in Maastricht, The Netherlands & o,5y Psychology.

Then a long long break most of all attributable to mental illness and stuff (for which I like to speak and think on with other folks than you in case there is some redundant emotional pattern or something the like).

Then a second attempt in 2010-2011: at Utrecht University: 1,0y artificial intelligence & 0,5y sociology.

And now out of the blue: I have that high ambition level to like to participate in getting the world stable and more tranquile again: not the chaos of these times, but also not a centralized authority that enforces the rule of law from the outside, while neglecting the inner clockwork of how inner free will impulses work and how they are tameable.

So in other words: saving the world, but with a keen sense of ad-hoc intuition-guided realism how to do it: not alone, being honest on what others can expect from me with my big talks and what they shouldn't count on when they hear or read my only tiny elaborated versions of idea's that I represent as where they plans. So some miscommuncation is to be expected when co-operating with me, but you are always allowed to push me in front of the self-reflective proverbial mirror!

Back to where the project must go to:

Thanks for responding with encouraging and/or constructive feedback on the first impression I try to communicate here in this quest of getting evil addicted personalities contained & convinced somehow rationally that goodness is worth the effort to control themselves despite no conscience-response.

Hence: we need to drain the swamp before it engulfs us.