Ryan from Dallas

This is Ryan from Dallas.

I am an organizer of a Dallas business intelligence meetup. https://www.meetup.com/Dallas-BI/

I think what got me most interested in graph databases was taking a class on algorithms. I'm at "Graph Algorithms". I've been stuck there, as life has distracted me. One thing that taking a class involving graph algorithms really teaches me is that graphs are cool, but they'd be more fun with tools to make them easier to play with.


hi Ryan,

welcome to the community. were there things in graph algorithms that you were especially interested in?
any tools you were missing to make them easier to use?

I guess the new O'reilly book by my colleagues Amy and Mark will be good as it's very practical with a lot of examples.

@sean.cockrell - I'm assuming you two have already connected, correct? (just making sure!) :heart:

Also, here's the Algos book! It just came out:

Oh yes, I met @ryanwagen at their last meetup where Max presented.

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