Rust drivers

Is anyone using Rust with Neo4J? I really like the safety and speed for an API but most of the drivers don't seem to be in active development, or they're only targeting the REST API which doesn't seem optimal for performance.

If anyone can weigh in on the solidity / completeness of any of the drivers, I'd appreciate it.

Hi. I am new here, but for one project I am using Rust.

There is a crate for interacting with Neo4j, by passing cypher commands. Its not pretty, and could really use someone building to introspection code to make structs to cypher. But it does work. Sort of. It has some nice helper macros to link variables in to cipher.

I am using Rust because I want a compiled language for my application, and I desire to have the safety that Rust brings. For the application, this is important, and the database is not that critical.

I have another project in early design, and that will be Java. Different use case so a different programming model.

Happy to exchange ideas/etc.