Running 2 or More Databases at the Same Time

I have upgraded to Neo4J Desktop Version 1.2.4 ( for the Mac.
I am able to create 4.0.0 databases.
I have 2 databases. One is called "application" because that's what Graphelion needs it's databased to be called.
The other is called Graph4p0p0.
When I try to start Graph4p0p0, it stops the database "application", and visa versa.
My understanding is that 4.0.0 allows you to have 2 or more databases running at the same time.
What am I missing?

Hi jeroen,

First, select the system.

:use system

Then, you can create a new database Graph4p0p0


You will see 2 DBs (neo4j and Graph4p0p0).

Thanks for the example.
I'll give that a try.

To clarify a bit, the databases or graphs in Neo4j Desktop are more like separate DBMS instances, each one runs a separate Neo4j instance.

This is different than the 4.0.0 multi database feature, which allows multiple databases in a single DBMS.

From Desktop, you will only have your single dbms instance. Within that instance, you can follow Koji's advice and create additional databases (once you switch to the system database).

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