Run Neuler on subgraph or projections saved in the graph catalog?

Can Neuler only execute queries on an entire database? Or can it execute:

  • on a subgraph
  • on a saved graph projection
  • in some other 'smaller' way

Looking for a way to test on a sample of our larger dataset without creating a new db.
Thanks in advance for any tips,

NEuler can operate on simple native projections: you can select node labels and relationship types to execute your algorithms on. It doesn't let you create Cypher projections though, and it doesn't work on named graphs (eg. load a subgraph once, execute multiple algorithms against it).

One nice feature in NEuler, though, it the ability to generate code, that you can copy paste into Browser (or Cypher Shell, or Python, or whatever) where you can modify it - for example, switching the native projection to a Cypher projection.

If you want to learn more about NEuler, it's covered in this developer guide.

Thanks @alicia.frame1