Run neo4j bloom in docker/k8s

Hello everyone :wave:
need help to install neo4j bloom on docker/kubernetes
is it must paid for enterprise edition? or i can use the community edition?


Advanced installation and configuration - Neo4j Bloom describes installation of Bloom and with Docker. Is this not working?

im confuse, where can i get the bloom license sir?

I have the same question.

Due to extremely "robust" cyber security polices at my company, I am pretty much block from running Neo4j in anything but the Docker Community Edition.

Neo4j Sandbox, Aura, Desktop, etc. all blocked by either company firewall policies and/or can't override PowerShell's execution policies for unsigned software.

So based on numerous searches on your website it appear that there is a Basic free version of Bloom that can possibly be run in Docker.

Is this possible and, if so, how do I go about getting it installed and running in Docker?