Rules for Size in Bloom

In playing with Bloom, I would like to set a rule to size the icon of node based on the number of connections it has and more specifically filtered by relationship type.

For example when I inspect a node, and i look at at expand it might says "<-Classified_As-" with (618 nodes). So Bloom knows how many nodes there are. Is there a way to use that number in a sizing rule?
Bonus points can I further add a filter to that number? In my case that would be the Classified_As node has another relationship which is Assigned_To a company node and I would like to filter to that company node.

My first thought was to create a property that held the value and use that. I would to reset it with each new search, but that is a later problem). I tried this which does not work. How should I modify the query or is there a better approach?

Match (:company{name:'resmed'})<-[:Assigned_to]-(:patent)-[:Classified_As{invType:'inventional'}]->(c:cpc)
SET c.quant = count(c)
RETURN c.cpcClass, count(c)


I think I figured it out.

What I wound up with is this query which I ran in the browser.

Match (:company{name:'resmed'})<-[:Assigned_to]-(:patent)-[:Classified_As{invType:'inventional'}]->(c:cpc)
WITH c,count(c) as num
SET c.quant = num
RETURN c.cpcClass, num

I did notice that I had to close and reopen Bloom for the quant property to be recognized.

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