Round() function not working with multiple parameteres

I am surprised to see why the round() function won't work as shown in neo4j guide.

RETURN round(3.141592, 3)

//throw error too many parameters for function 'round'
Am i missing something?
Here are some screenshot

This one is working with no parameter

What version of Neo4j are you using? I think the signature of that function was changed in the 4.2 series. See the screenshot below:

Hi Mark, I am using Neo4j 4.0.3

Ah, now that screen is confusing!

You have version 4.2.4 of the Neo4j Browser but only 4.0.3 of the server. The round function was changed in (I think) version 4.2.0 of the server

Do I have to update Neo4j Server and what is the way to do so?

Are you using Neo4j Desktop / something else?

Yes, I am using Neo4j Desktop and updated the Neo4j server to 1.4.2