Rory from Jamaica

Hi everyone,

I'm Rory and I hail from Jamaica. I currently work as a DevOps / Data Engineer for an international managed services IT company. I've been interested in graphs for the last 3-4 years but actively researching and getting my hands wet with graphs DBs and technologies over the last two years.

My current (related) interests are graphs, NLP and deep learning. I'm definitely in love with graphs, and building and exploring them using Neo4j. To that end I decided to go through the GrapAcademy intro, production/administration courses, on Friday (March 8 2019) I became a Neo4j Certified Professional. I'm also currently in the process of completing my MSc. thesis with a focus on the use of graphs in information security risk management.

My intent as a member of this community is to share my knowledge of graphs, as well as learn from fellow members, and to champion graphs by sharing my passion for this space and the many possibilities that arise from creating and analyzing connected data.

To the Neo4j team, partners (e.g. GraphAcademy, Linkurios, etc.) and the rest of the community, thanks for the imense role you've played in the graphs space, for the great articles, docs and videos on graph technologies, analytics and Neo4j!


A very warm welcome to you Rory,

your interests and work sound great. I hope that Neo4j is super helpful for the things you want to achieve.
Thanks so much for your willingness to contribute to the community ! And good luck with your thesis!!

Cheers, Michael

Thanks for the warm welcome and best wishes Michael!

Hi Rory,
This is really great! Thank you for sharing. Along the way, please feel free to share feedback with us. We'd love to know how we can possibly improve the community experience to enable you to be more helpful and get the most value out of it. :heart: