Ronie Uliana - Data Scientist and Complex Network Researcher

Hi, everybody!

I have made some research on complex networks and community detection. I also used a probability propagating graph to help detecting dangerous passengers at 99 (Uber's competitor in Brazil).

I'm interested in graphs for fraud detection and for text mining :slight_smile:

Also, Scheme (programming language), board games, tabletop RPGs are my hobbies. If anyone there in Ottawa or São Paulo wants to meet to a coffee and some talk, I'm all in :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum Ronie !

Hi Ronie,

are you part of the SP meetup group? Perhaps you want to talk there about the things you've built with Neo4j?

If you're interested in ML/graph analytics we'd love to hear from you what would help you be successful and what are the tools that you'd be looking for.

Hi, Michael!

I'm not part of the meetup group. It'll be nice to talk to everybody.

Do you send me the link to join it?



Here you go. Have fun