Rollback - " Deleting Emil" Cypher Query after DETACH DELETE

Hi, I am a beginner and going thru the lessons in Graph Academy.

My Problem: Hit Enter/Confirm button before including the WHERE clause to my query : " MATCH (p:Person) DETACH DELETE ". This resulted in about 154 Nodes deleted.

How do I rollback ? Suggestions required so that I can proceed with my lessons

Hello @kthanptel and welcome to the Community!

Since you deleted everything in the graph, I suggest you do the following:

  1. Go to the site and terminate the movies sandbox.
  2. Refresh the page for the Challenge. It will take a minute or so to recreate the sandbox and prepare it for the challenge.


Hi Elaine
Many thanks for your prompt support. I haven't yet started on the sandbox afresh as I am going thru the "self paced" course from "

However, I am good for now as I have progressed to the GraphModeling chapters.