Return query result values in apoc.periodic.iterate

Is there a way to return a query result value while using a apoc.periodic.iterate statement?

call apoc.periodic.iterate ('

UNWIND $input as input

WITH input

MATCH (b:Node1) 
WHERE b.prop1 = input.prop1
AND substring(b.prop2,0,10) = "2021-09-08"

WITH input, b
MATCH (c:Node2 {prop3:b.prop3})

b.prop4 as prop4,
b.prop3 as prop3,
c.prop2 as prop2,


WITH input, prop4, prop3, prop2
MERGE (a:NodeA {prop1:prop4})

SET a.prop2 = "ABC"
SET a.prop3 = prop3
SET a.prop4 = prop2
SET a.prop5 = input.prop1
SET a.prop6 = input.prop2
SET = "2021-09-09"

_ IN CASE WHEN input.prop10 = "low" THEN [1] END |
SET a:NodeB
_ IN CASE WHEN input.prop10 <> "low" THEN [1] END |
SET a:NodeC
_ IN CASE WHEN input.error IS NOT NULL OR input.errorCode <> 200 OR input IS NULL THEN [1] END |
SET a:NodeD
SET a.errorCode = input.errorCode
SET a.errorDesc = input.error
RETURN input.prop1 as prop1,
input.prop2 as prop2
{batchSize:100, parallel:true, params:{input:$input}}

Would it be possible to get input.prop1 and input.prop2 as a result of the apoc.periodic.iterate statement?

No, it's not currently possible, the procedure was designed for batch processing only, return values aren't handled.

Thank you @andrew_bowman