Return brower 'table' info with dotnet Neo4j.Driver

in the browser I can run some cypher say-

MATCH (start:Node{node:'IP-0000110637'}), (end:Node{node:'FD9-END'})
CALL, end, "steps")
YIELD nodeId, cost
MATCH (o:Node) WHERE id(o) = nodeId
RETURN o.node AS node, cost

And get back my expected data in text or table form.

Now, if I want to perform the same query in C#,

        using (var session = _Driver.Session())
            var output = session.WriteTransaction(tx =>
                IStatementResult result = tx.Run(command, new { command });

How can I get back the that text or table data I was getting in the browser?
I keep getting wrapped around the axle getting sent in different directions, use this package or that...
In there an easy within the Neo4j dotnet driver ?


Please disregard, I figured out what I needed