Restrict variable length pattern by property values

I have a tree representing a nested (Java)-switch-statement, so there are these nodes:

(:Switch {var_ref: <some_id>})
(:Case {test: <value>})
(:Value {value: <value>)

a switch may have many case-children. A case may have either a switch or a value child.

I also have a :param that holds a map {id -> value}

How can I find the "active" value with a specific param?

for exampe with this tree:

switch ref1
  case 1:
    switch ref2
      case 1: 4711
      case 2: 42
      case 3:
        switch ref3:
           case 1: 123
           case 2: 456
  case 2: 99

with params

 {ref1: 1, ref2: 1, ref3: 1} -> 4711
 {ref1: 2, ref2: 1, ref3: 1} -> 99
 {ref1: 1, ref2: 3, ref3: 1} -> 123

I've seen apoc.path.expand but it can't restrict a path by properties.
So one idea would be to (using Java) get all switch, get the value of the references variable, get all case-children and set an :Active label it the case's test matches the value of the ref..

Or I could get all paths to vaues paths = (:Root)-[*]-(:Value) and the I think it may be possible to filter these paths.

I was playing with this a little more, and its (obviously) very easy when I just change the relationship for the "inactive" cases. So all nodes are connected by :HAS and using the API I change (switch)-[:HAS]->(case) to (switch)-[:HAS_INACTIVE]->(case) for all case-nodes that do not eval to true. With that I just have:

MATCH (:Choose)-[:HAS*]->(v:Value) return v

I still wonder if there is a way without using the API.