Restoring to neo4j desktop

I had to reinstall Neo4j Desktop. A backup was created on c:\user[myuser].neo4jDesktop(backup)
How do I get the database folders back into the new neo4j installation. Copying to the
neo4jDatabases folder doesn't work

Hi @garygblake,

The entire backup would have to replace the fresh install. Copy over each of these directories:

  • distributions
  • graphApps
  • neo4jDatabases
  • persist
  • projects
  • updates

The "persist" directory contains saved state for Neo4j Desktop. That's why restoring just the "neo4jDatabases" directory doesn't have any effect -- Desktop doesn't scan that directory to find out what databases exist, it relies on the state that has been persisted.

We are progressing towards the file system as the source of truth for what is/isn't installed, but we're not there yet.


There is another way.
Create a new database with the same version of the one you want to reinstall.
Copy the data folder from the original to the new database data folder after deleting the auth.ini file
from the original data/dbms folder.


Nice! Yes, that's a good workaround.