Restart neo4j Community Edition and neo4j - default offline and can't get it online

I have the latest version of neo4j Community Edition installed. When I restart my server the neo4j - default database seems to still exists but when I try to start it I get a message that it is offline. Using START DATABASE neo4j; does not seem to work in the Community Edition. How do I get it back online?

Hello @bvasu :slight_smile:

Are you working on Neo4j Desktop or a Neo4j Server instance?
Can you upload some screenshots?


I'm facing the same problem, after upgrading to neo4j 4.3.2.
(I think) I have a Neo4j server instance on a Ubuntu-20.04-focal VM machine. I tried restarting Neo4j couple of times by still the neo4j (default) database is offline.
I'll attached a screenshot and my Neo4j log file.
Neo4j_Log.txt (21.1 KB)