Rerun Query doesn't show msg "Displaying 0 nodes and 0 relationships" or similar

In the Browser, if you have a query that returns something, you'll see a message in the bottom of the display cell like "Displaying N nodes, R relationships".

If you change the DB and rerun the query (click the circular arrow), you'll get a similar message with possibly different counts.

EXCEPT if the query that has been rerun returns nothing (because you deleted some relationships or nodes.) Then instead of seeing "Displaying 0 nodes, 0 relationships" or the message "no changes, no records", you see no message at all, not even the time it takes to run the query.

Hi! I'm one of the developers of Neo4j Browser and I just tried to reproduce your error and I did get a message about how long the query took. This is what I did:
1: create (n:BrowserUser {username: "clem"}) return n;
2: match (n:BrowserUser {username: "clem"}) return n;
3: match (n:BrowserUser) delete n;
4: Re-ran the second query.

Your issue could have been fixed accidentally, but if not do reply with steps I can take to reproduce it. Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for reporting this issue!