Request for Tutorial on Hanlding Super Nodes

As a potential new course in the Graph Academy, would it be possible to have a segment on how to handle Super Nodes in Neo4j? The article by @david_allen clearly explains how to handle this problem, but it would be even better to have a hands-on tutorial that users can solve so that they can better understand the causes of Super Nodes and how to solve these issues.

Here's the link to the article:

Good point, thanks for the suggestion.

Btw. since Neo4j 4.3 you can also use relationship indexes for improved performance on subsets of supernodes.

e.g. if you create an compound index on the "since" property of an FOLLOWS relationship but also the twitter id of the target node. then you can query

MATCH (f)-[r:FOLLOWS]->(u:User {id:"barack_obama"})
WHERE r.since > datetime(xxx) and =