Replica cannot connect to core

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Hi admin,
I have installed neo4j 4.0.4 by helm chart

After the cluster is up, the replica cannot connect to the core.
root@c-neo4j-replica-cbb56c96f-f7lpv:/var/lib/neo4j/bin# ./cypher-shell
username: neo4j
password: ********
Failed to obtain connection towards WRITE server. Known routing table is: Ttl 1591175610069, currentTime 1591175310075, routers AddressSet=[], writers AddressSet=, readers AddressSet=[], database ''

Here is the cluster info


use the bolt:// scheme to connect to an individual read replica. The replica does not have a full copy of the cluster's upstream routing table, and so it is true that when you use neo4j:// as a connection scheme, you cannot obtain a connection to a WRITE server.

More information:

Thanks. You are right, the replica can be connected through bolt.