Replacing GGDC 2020 for 2021 -- Looking for last year's data

Hello there!

cc: @neo4j_devrel

We were very excited to organise a GGDC event last year. Sadly last year we were forced to cancel that event, but this year here in Australia we have re-opened and are trying to re-run the event this year.

We have had a box of T-Shirts generously given to us by Neo4J -- ready to share with our community, but starting again from scratch we have no way of mapping to participants.

We were relying on the data submitted here:

We note the user database connection is now failing:

Without this data we can't match the t-shirts up with our local community.

Is there any way we can re-access this data? Or at least an ego-graph of our "Canberra, Australia" node?

Kindest regards,
Elena Williams

Hi @elena1 -

Sorry about that! The database was taken down, but I have the data in another format. Could you please email me and we can get it sorted:

Hi Will,

Just to follow up: Thank you so much! We had a great IRL event last week and managed to share the t-shirts with many members of our community.

Best regards,
Elena Williams