Replacing @Depth SDN6

i am trying to replace the @Depth annotation above repository methods.
I have this class, and it looks like it has a lot of objects in its fields which are LinkedList-s.
How should i replace for example the easiest repo method :
should i write a custom query?If so could you help me with that?

	Optional<Upload> findById(String id);

This is the upload class:

public class Upload
	private boolean analyseFinished;

	private long createdAt = System.currentTimeMillis();

	private boolean fieldAssignmentFinished;

	private List<Header> headers = new LinkedList<>();

	@GeneratedValue(generatorClass = UUIDStringGenerator.class)
	private String id;

	private String name;

	private long numberOfAddresses;

	private List<String> personIds = new LinkedList<>();

	private List<UploadElement> uploadElements = new LinkedList<>();



I think a custom query is your best bet.
Your Upload seem to be missing a few annotations (on headers at least, and maybe on personIds). Can you share what the schema roughly is before we can help with the custom query?