Removing a property and turning it as new node under fulfilling a condition

I am new to Neo4j world, I have imported a big csv file into Neo4j including following headers:(so now every row of csv has following properties in neo4j and obj1 value as node label)

obj1, obj2, method1, method2, method3

method 1 to 3 have float values resulting from comparing obj1 and obj2 pairwise already. So I want to set a threshold over method1(and for all other methods separately) and if checking value is above set threshold, obj2 property is deleted and to be created as a NEW NODE and an edge between obj1 property(which is already a node with its value as label) and new created obj2 node to be drawn and obj2 node get all of properties from obj1. hope anyone could help !!!

Could you write your import query?

@mojtaba_tmj is it your way of help???

I think @mojtaba_tmj was asking if you could share your query/data you're trying to import.

It'd be much easier for us to help if you can share an example of what you're trying to do and what isn't working..

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