Remove statement hanging

When running a REMOVE statement in cypher, the query hangs. However, reading the database runs quickly, as expected.

Here's what I'm trying to do: MATCH (n:Node) WHERE exists(n.nodeIndex) REMOVE n.attribute

When I run MATCH (n:Node) WHERE exists(n.nodeIndex) RETURN count(n.ID) it runs in 4ms.

We have Neo4j Enterprise 3.4.0 and I'm using the cypher shell.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

First of all can you get off of that .0 release? The latest patch along the 3.4.x line is 3.4.12. That would at least allow us to rule out any bugs that have been fixed throughout those 12 patches.

Also, can you give us the counts we're dealing with (such as the result of the count() query, as well as the result of MATCH (n:Node) RETURN count(n))?