Remark in neo4j/graphql 3.0.0 Migration

Hi all,

The new features in neo4j/grahql 3.x look good (such as _NONE, _SOME etc.), but one remark makes me nervous about migrating.

In the documentation (3.0.0 Migration) it states "To improve consistency and validation, all "many-to-star" relationships need to be defined as required". I'm having trouble grasping what this means, fully acknowledging that I might be missing something trivial. Perhaps I don't fully understand what "many-to-star" means.

To be more specific - let's say we create an edge when some event occurs (e.g. completing a form). But sometimes, the target node (e.g. form) may not have edges at creation (e.g. no-one completed it yet). Does the remark in the documentation imply this to be impossible?

All the best,