Relationships are not generated when Inferring GraphQL Type Definitions From An Existing Neo4j Database

Hello everyone, I generated GraphQL type definition from an existing Neo4j database, but not all the relationships are generated, and when generating the graphql schema I am getting those comment:

RelID :onClass for label set Resource has > 1 target type (Class,Resource); skipping
Relationship Neo4jRelationship {
id: ':subClassOf',
type: 'relationship',
properties: {},
relType: 'subClassOf',
links: [
{ from: [Array], to: [Array] },
{ from: [Array], to: [Array] },
{ from: [Array], to: [Array] }
} is not univalent and is not yet supported
I don't know what that means :worried: and how to solve it
Does anyone have any ideas?