(RelationalDB)-[:MEET]->(GraphDB) hello from Steven ZHANG 张宇

Hello everyone! This is Steven, a non-professional developer/product owner and founder for Modular Geospatial Data for Everyone- a not-for-profit organisation to share my half-finished PhD research as a knowledge product.

I am so excited to have passed the Neo4J certification exam tonight https://twitter.com/steven4320555/status/1248739413229797376?s=20 , and finally made my intro here.

In the past, I have been using relational database, and Business Intelligent tools (mainly Tableau) to visually explore the geospatially-linkable big data for UK homes. The exploration of data, and the organic growth of real-life data integration made me aware the limitation for relational database.

I hope to use graph database to help manage the meta data of relational database, and try to use neo4j to power some exploratory data analytics in relational database environment. I hope to see the boundary for RelationalDB and GraphDB disappear :slight_smile: I can already feel that Tableau is making relational database more flexible, and behaves like a graph database. ie. the new data model capacity, the linked normalised relational database feels like the merged nodes connected by relationships. ref: https://tc19.tableau.com/learn/sessions/data-model-enhancements

Hope to become an active member of the community, and get connected with more people!

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Nice to know you. 很高兴认识你。:handshake:

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