Relation on nodes with respect of time

May I ask that where could I find the tutorial about how to construct this architecture (especially the :NEXT relation)


Are you sure you need this architecture? This is what's called a "Time Tree" -- but honestly this approach was more popular in Neo4j prior to the version where datetime types were introduced into Cypher that can now be indexed.

Mostly, people wanted these so they could for example match to a particular day, and then get all of the nodes linked to that day. That's not a thing people really do anymore, because they instead put a datestamp on every node, and then just match the nodes on a particular day.

You might read more about this approach here:

It’s in the Graph Academy course about Graph data modelling, too:

Hi David, thanks for your answers and I actually I'm quite new to neo4j, just saw that this one is similar to my perspect (not aware of it's the old fashion). Actually, I'm doing a event sequence and there is a start time and end time related to this event, and what I would like to do is to link these events (or at least I could retrive in order these sequence to do embedding and then maybe do clustering based on these embeddings), therefore, I'm searching for some cases that similar to my work.

Thanks man, it looks awsome!