Referencing graph in neo4j

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After having the model and data loaded into neo4j, how to refer the specific graph model that has nodes and relationships in neo4j browser that has man other graph models.. eg: movie graph comes
by default. The model that we created by importing csv (using data importer) will not get visualized in the browser but instead movie graph comes on.. Appreciate inputs..

First, welcome to the community.

Well, you will need to query for the specific nodes/relationships you want since you have mixed multiple data models in the same database. If you are just experimenting to learn, then I suggest you create different databases for each data model you are experimenting with. That way it will be much easier to query and manage the data.

You can create multiple projects in Neo4j Browser, and each of the those projects can have multiple databases.

You can also clear all the data in a database with the query below. You can do that and then reload the data you want to visualize. Once you do that, you can run match(n) return n to see all the data in the database.

To delet all data:

detach delete n

Thank you very much for the input. Will try this. Meanwhile , wanted to know since we save the data model ( json) from the importer,
so wanted to know how to use this for querying and for data science.


You will not use the json from the data modeler after you import the data into neo4j.

You use the cypher query language to interact with the data.

You can start here to learn cypher:

You can also take graphAcademy classes. There is a cypher fundamentals class:

A neo4j fundamentals class:

And you can learn more about graph data sciences here:


Currently I have used Aura cloud and used Data importer to load my data from Mysql
and have created the graph data model. I am able to query the model. Now I want to use GDS to run graph algorithms.
Pl let me know how to go about .


I am not a user of GDS at this point. It looks like you need AruaDS, instead AruaDB.

Thanks. AuraDS instance is not free. I want to plug-in GDS library to the database in aura cloud so that I can run graph
algorithms in neo4j browser or using python client. With Neo4j desktop , i could plug in gds and apoc . I am some how
finding it difficult to use ETL to load and create the graph data model which easily was done using data importer in Aura cloud.
Can data importer be used with Neo4j desktop. Appreciate some inputs