Refcard Dark Theme

I would like to see the option to view the Cypher Ref Card in a Dark Theme. I have a lot of my things I am using set to dark, and then to pull that up at night I get blasted with a bright screen.

This is something i feel like others might also like to see.

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I like this idea :)
Maybe enable the dark theme for Community site also :dark_sunglasses:

The Community site already has a dark theme.

Go to your site preferences
Click on your icon in the top right and select your username at the top of the menu. Select "Preferences".
Select "Interfaces" on the left. At the top you will see a drop down menu for "Theme". Select Dark and Boom!

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You can use a browser plugin like or similar. As a workaround ;)


Many thanks for the suggestion! I'll raise this in our docs team when we next discuss the Refcard.

Regards, David

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Now thinking about it. A similar feature would be useful on the Neo4j docs pages as well.

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