Recursive query by condition

Hi there!

Is it possible to make a recursive query depending on conditions?
I have following graph and want to get all child Elements, where node HAS the data.


Could you be a bit more specific about what you mean by 'data' here? Do you want to find nodes which have at least one property?

For normal searches, this may help.

Maybe if you're looking to test against a list, the function keys() will help.

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I agree some additional information is needed to help guide you to a solution. There a couple different ways you could attack this, but some additional context would be helpful.

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Thanks for the replies!

This query worked perfect for me:

MATCH p=(n)-[r:CHILD *1..]->(c) 
WHERE n.hash = "ID_3ef8f14f-7eb6-4c58-b0bc-6a24f4ddc26a"
AND c.aframeProperty <> "null"
RETURN p Limit 1
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