Recovering / repairing Desktop and DBMSS on Mac?

Neo4j Desktop 1.4.12 on Mac Catalina, an instance where I am developing an application and its DB.
I started encountering some Java heap errors, inability to stop the DBMS.
I restored from Time Machine a copy of ~/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop, after renaming the original to preserve it.
When starting Desktop, it does not even attempt to display any DBMS, does not even open the main window. It has an active menu structure, but most actions are grayed out.
The Troubleshooting guide suggests looking at the log iles. No files in any of the 'logs' subdirectories of the dbms directories are getting updated, as if it is not even trying to start any, as if it has forgotten about them.
I realize that the restored copy may be internally inconsistent, i.e. Neo4j could have been writing at the same time Time Machine was reading it.
Is there any "repair" or "consistency check" to assist Desktop with starting up a restored set of files?
Is there any command to "reconnect" Desktop to the set of DBMS's in the Application Support directory?
I can restore to an earlier point when the DBMSs would have been totally idle, but would lose today's activity.