Realities – Open source tool for decentralisation on the GRAND stack

Hi everyone. I'm Hugi, and I run the Edgeryders Participio Development Lab. Our purpose is to build experimental software and methodology for decentralized organizations and co-created culture. It's a newly funded lab, which is part of Edgeryders.

Our first big project is called Realities and it's built on the GRAND stack. It's a tool for decentralised organizations to track keep track of their structure while helping them make decisions. We have our first MVP up and running, you can have a look at our staging server instance here. Code available on GitHub.

We will be running a hackathon and subsequent development week with 9 person strong team in Tunisia later this month, working towards our first 0.1 release of Realities. It's a purely open source venture, with some funding from the Swedish arts and culture fund Kulturbryggan.

I'm writing here both to introduce myself and the project, since there are not very many people developing on the GRAND stack. Are there any other open source projects going on? I'd love to get in touch with people who could be interested in looking at the code, contribute to it or learn from it.

I would also be interested in if there was interest from the side of Neo4j to organise a hackathon around this project with us, seeing that it's all open and non-profit. Maybe @neo4j_devrel or @michael_hunger know something about if that could be possible?

Anyway, that's the introduction. Hello! :slight_smile:

A screenshot from Realities in it's current MVP prototype stage.

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Hi Hugi!

Thanks for posting. Really cool project! I remember seeing something about this in the neo4j-graphql.js github issues a while ago. Looks like you've really progressed!

A graph is a great way to represent the different dependencies and people involved in projects. Do you use a visualization library for the graph viz?

I'd love to take a look at the code. Is it on Github somewhere I could dive into? Also, I would be really interested to learn more about your initial experience with GRANDstack.


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Thanks for your interest!

We use vis.js along with the react-graph-vis package.

Yes! Here is our repo on GitHub.

We started development on this in December 2017, and then the project lay dormant for almost a year until we picked up again in September after getting the funding for the Participio development lab.

One developer put in about 100 hours on it in the last couple of months. I know that he ran into quite a lot of challenges with the neo4j-graphql-js library and had to write his own queries in many places to make it work. You can see a log of that work and some of his thoughts on our own forum. If you want to follow up with him, please feel free to create an account there and pop into that thread to ask questions. We'd love to help in any way we can.

Our hackathon in Tunisia (which kicks off a week of development) later this month will involve up to seven Tunisian developers in addition to our team of nine, who will then also be introduced to the GRAND stack and Neo4j. And if you're wondering why we're doing the development in Tunisia, here's an answer to that.

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