Reading Neo4j Graph OSM data in Java

Hello Everyone!

I am new to Neo4j but essentially I have been able to create a Graph from a downloaded OSM file of the San Diego Road Network (800K+ Node Labels & 3M relationships)

I want to test some user defined shortest path algorithms I have created in java and wanted to know if it is possible to read in these relations as input for my code (e.g. StreetSegments as Nodes and Routes as Edges). I read some stuff about Maven and Bolt protocol but not sure how to implement these topics with my code.

Thanks to advise.

Hello sebyid
You can use JMeter Neo4j plugin to test your own algorithm under varying load conditions or if you want to visualize the Nodes(StreetSegments) and Edges( Routes) then you can try Bloom or Neo4j Browser that comes with Neo4j Desktop.
As far as your own code is concerned you can package it as a jar and add it as plugin in Neo4j desktop.
Hopes that this helps you get around the problem.

Thanks for the prompt response and suggestion! I will check this method out!