Read Remote Neo4j datastore file of embedded database using Java bolt

Hi Team,

Trying to connect to get a Neo4j datastore using embedded mode as below but tried multiple option using HA as well but not getting even i am not able to read default neo4j.conf

BoltConnector bolt = new BoltConnector();
graphDb = new EnterpriseGraphDatabaseFactory()
.newEmbeddedDatabaseBuilder(dbFile) //Here want Remote File location to maintain DB server out of application
// .loadPropertiesFromFile("/home/neo4j-enterprise-3.5.5/conf/neo4j.conf")
.setConfig(bolt.type, "BOLT")
.setConfig(bolt.enabled, "true")
// //.setConfig(bolt.address, dbHost + ":" + dbPort)
.setConfig(bolt.listen_address, dbHost + ":" + dbPort")

Our Intention is to make Database out of the application server so that clustering can be done on database.

Please help or suggest way to achieve this.