Question: Is creating a JAR plug-in the only way to create a Neo4j Cypher function or procedure?

Is there a fancy APOC procedure or some other method to dynamically create reusable procedures and functions without having to do it in java and install the jar file as a neo4j plug-in?

Our power users won't have access to the Neo4j server to install new plug-ins and we'd like to empower them to be able to write reusable functions and procedures in Neo4j Desktop.

Hi @bryant!

You can create Cypher-based procedures using APOC. You can find the docs here.

I also did a Twitch stream recently where I had a go at taking Nathan Smith's blog post on doing k-means clustering with Cypher, and turning that into a Cypher-based procedure. You can watch that here.



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Thank you Lju! This is exactly the type of thing I was looking for.