Question 2 on the module Using Indexes

Hello, I was having difficulty with Question 2 on the module "Using Indexes": What makes creating a full-text schema index different from creating a property index? I think the correct answers are 1, and 3 as they are discussed in the lesson. The lesson on full text schema index does not mention anything about uniqueness or existence. And since the question is about "creating a full text schema index", then the difference is that you need to call a stored procedure, which is not one of the answers. It's throwing an error on any combination of answers and doesn't mark the lesson as completed. Could you please help? Thanks.

Uniqueness is constraint. So when you create a index you should create a constraint on it like one you are talking above.
It helps indesigning indexes as well as constraints that can be validated.
Thanking you
Sameer G

Thank you Sameer. Your explanation makes sense. But I think there's a bug on that page. I have completed two modules on the Neo4J training pages, each one having several lessons, with questions at the end of each page. The questions always match the topics covered in the lesson. This one however, does not match what was covered in full-text schema, and it doesn't accept any of the answer combinations. -- Thanks again.

I got it finally. There's only one correct answer (event though it says select correct answer"s"). Thanks!