Querying the whole database in Bloom


I've just built my first graph database in Neo4J Desktop and launched Bloom.

It's a pretty simple database with two categories: Companies & People with one relationship (OFFICERS_OF) between people and companies.

Bloom seems to be limited in the settings to 10,000 nodes. This is obviously fine for visualisation, but if I have 100k plus Companies in the database and try to apply a filter on CompanyName (property of Company), then it is only filtering the say 3,000 nodes that it has brought into the visualisation, rather than filtering the nodes prior to visualisation.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Or is Bloom in Desktop limited to just a testing environment?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry - not to worry - I have just realised that company names had been entered in CAPS LOCK so it wasn't finding them.

Interesting that I had 'case insensitive' searches on in Settings, but it doesn't seem to be respecting that option