Query loading for forever

Please find Explain of my query:

And my query for this plan is:

match (t1:tr)-[o]-(a1:add) where a1.add= 'xyz' with distinct t1.id as ids-----(these IDS are around 50k in count)
Match (t3:tr)-[o2:exit]->(a2:add)  where t3.id in (ids)
with distinct t3.id as id, t3.time as time,o2  limit 950000
return  id,time, sum(o2.value)

this query is working with LIMIT but once i remove this limit it start running for forever.

what wrong i am doing in query ?
here total number of nodes in tx are around 200000000 and total number of nodes in add around 300000000
I have created the index on tx's id and add's id
could anyone please tell me how to query this much of data

Seems to be duplicate question: Query running so long and not returning any output

Yup I passed my comments in previous one .
wil delete this post :slight_smile: