Query Latency in Neo4j Aura

Is it possible to monitor query latency in Neo4j Aura. I only have page cache evictions, out of memory errors, Garbage collection, CPU usage and storage. I was wondering if there is a way to monitor performance and generate a report which queries are slow, so we can tune them.

Hi Frederik,

We don't yet have a publicly-available metric for query latency; it's something we're working on perfecting. You could use Halin, a standalone monitoring tool, to glean some of this information from your database, though. Just point Halin at your Aura database and provide the username and password. More details are available in the linked documentation.

We also have a board for submitting feature requests if you'd like to make a request for this, or other features, now or in the future. I just created a request matching your inquiry; it would be helpful if you could click through and vote on it. The more votes a feature request get, the higher priority is likely to be assigned to it.


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