Query hitting the neo4j-default database

Hello everyone,

I am working on neo4j 4.0 and trying to fire some create queries from python code. I have a database that is created by me but when I am running the query it is going into neo4j_default.
could anyone please tell me how to get data populated in the database I have created from python code. Is there any keyword to select the database .

The python driver does not yet allow you to swap databases in 4.0 it will only connect to the default. That being said, you can make your database the default in the config file if that helps you. According to the most recent posts I've seen it'll be added to the driver later this year.

Thanks @MuddyBootsCode for your response.
i know about the config file thing just was curious if we can do the same with python driver as well :slight_smile: )
I believe you gave me the wrong url. could you please check again

Ah here is the correct link Cannot create multiple databases through python client(Neo4j 4.0) - #5 by andrew.bowman. You cannot accomplish this with the driver YET.