Query by Example doesn't load relationships

In the Spring Data Neo4j Rx, using the Query-by-example doesn't seem to load the relationship in the imperative mode. Reactive mode works fine. If you query, for example,

movieRepository.findOneByTitle("The Matrix")

it returns the movie with actorsAndRoles and directors populated correctly. However, using,

movieRepository.findOne(Example.of(new MovieEntity("The Matrix", null)))

returns the movie without actorsAndRoles and directors populated.

MovieRepository in this case extends Neo4jRepository,

MovieRepository extends Neo4jRepository

Is this by design? Is there a way I can get the loaded relationship data when using Example ?


Thanks for the finding. I created an issue FindByExample only returns root node [DATAGRAPH-1384] · Issue #1946 · spring-projects/spring-data-neo4j · GitHub to track this.
The findByExample does not query right now for the relationships in imperative and reactive programming mode.

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