Quality Modeling

We are looking at using a Graph DB (e.g. Neo4j) for modeling and analysis of quality issues in a manufacturing production line.

I.e. there are set of connected nodes that represent materials and assemblies as well as the operations that are done to assemble and test the resulting device.

I did see this little article, but it really does not not talk much about how Boston Scientific actually does the modeling, or what process improvements they got. [GraphConnect 2018: Videos - Neo4j Graph Data Platform](http://Boston Scientific)

Anyone have an pointers to other work in this area, which have more of the technical details, and what the improved outcome was?


I'd suggest you have a look at the content available on graph gists - you may find that helpful to get you started: Neo4j GraphGists - graphgists

I have looked there, and that is why I am posting here.