Python session terminated

I use Ne4j 4.1 with Python.
Have to upload nodes from a complex text file. can't create a CSV since the file will be too complex.
I set in Python the timeout to 200S but anyway the upload is stopped after 100 new nodes, and then the session waits in idle status till it terminated.

Tal, can you please share an example of the complex text file itself?


Hi Gal
This is part of the file I processed (names and nicknames)
But don't think it is a relevant cause the problem is with the upload to Neo4j after processing.
Aaron, Aron – Ron, Ronnie, Ronny;

Abel – Abe, Abie;

Abner – Ab, Abbie;

Abraham, Abram – Abe, Abie, Bram;

Adam – Ad, Addie, Addy, Ade;

Adelbert, Adalbert – Ad, Ade, Al, Bert, Bertie, Del;

Adrian – Ade;

Alan, Allan, Allen – Al;

Albert – Al, Bert, Bertie;

If timeout is the main issue here, you can try and work in smaller transactions batches(10,100,1000,10000,100000) to control memory usages, which will make the commits on a smaller batch and might assist.
Have you tried: apoc.periodic.iterate() or apoc.periodic.commit()?

You can look into that:

Hope it helps,