Python/Neo4j training using anaconda and django

The Python/Neo4j training uses generic Python and flask. We standardized on anaconda and django. Has anyone created a variant of the training using those tools? Tips would be appreciated!

I have made using NeoModel for the Driver and Django-NeoModel for the callbacks.

Thanks, Sanjay.

We are big believers in Python but have committed to Enterprise Anaconda and other cybersecurity tools to implement it.
Your application to help the police is much appreciated.
We would be interested in the opinions of the Neo4j community regarding interfacing through frameworks such as conda, encryption at rest, and searching encrypted data.



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Hey @l21, I chose Flask because I have worked with it before but the code that you write in the course could be written into any other framework. The key learnings in the course are how to create a new driver instance, how to create sessions and how to use those sessions to interact with the graph. You can install neo4j through conda so no problems there.

As for encryption at rest and searching encrypted data, I know this is a topic that has been floating around for a few years within the field team. I'm not aware of any solution other than encrypting data within the application layer. Are you aware of methods used in other databases that could also be applied to Neo4j?