Python bolt driver 1.7 - Summary returning None type for results_available_after and result_consumed_after


I am trying to get the execution time of the cyphers I am running using the python driver.
The code i'm using is shown below, I tried both running the cypher in a transaction and straight into a session.

        tx = session.begin_transaction()
        result =
        avail = result.summary().result_available_after
        cons = result.summary().result_consumed_after

The problem is that the result_available_after and result_consumed_after variables are returning None.

Any clues as to why they are returning as None?

I have the same problem.

They might only be available in the enterprise version of neo4js.

I tried it on Enterprise and it doesn't work either

edit: added a GH issue at Summary result available after and results consumed after is always None · Issue #304 · neo4j/neo4j-python-driver · GitHub