Py2neo - Can we see in a client navigator the query send by py2neo

Hi, I would like to know if I can see a graph in the client navigator from a request done in py2neo without doing extra programing with flask but only using the browser provided by neo4J (open browser). I'm using neo4j desktop 3.4.

I think you're asking whether it's possible to see the queries being executed against the database via py2neo...if so perhaps enabling the query log would help here?

No, I don't want see the queries in the logging file. I just want to know if it is possible to send a query via py2neo to neo4j and see the graph result in a browser. This is for a customer, he doesn't want to do any manipulation with neo4j but just to press to some button and visualize the graphs. The idea is then to create a python app with some query buttons.

I'm afraid this isn't possible: there's no visualisation capabilities built into py2neo and the browser doesn't have a hook for ad-hoc visualisation.

Thanks for this answer